While You Were Out continues to provide all services during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are following the CDC recommended safety precautions in full and staying current with all state and county guidelines.

Our Covid-19 Response

When I first learned about COVID-19, I was on a medical mission in Vietnam. We knew it would be serious, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the world we are living in today. While it’s so very scary, I’m trying to remain focused on the positive. Community has never been more important — and I’m so grateful for the While You Were Out community.

I am sure you have questions about our services during this time, so let me answer some of them for you.

Yes! Most consults for dog related services can be done outside, while wearing masks and even with distance between us. For cat consults, I ask that whoever is in the home wears a mask when I enter. I will be wearing mine! If possible, please open a few windows to encourage good air flow while we’re in your home together, too. I will sanitize on my way in and on my way out. I’ll be eager to meet your pet(s) but ask that we keep the conversations focused and short winded while we’re indoors. I won’t shake your hand, but know that I’m smiling under my mask!

Yes, its safe! We have made many changes to ensure the safety of our team and your family. We can customize pick ups and drop offs in a variety of ways. Many of our customers are working from home and can support “contact-free” pick ups and drop offs at the door. For some, we’re picking up dogs directly from the yard! Either way, we always sanitize at the start and end of every walk, use our own leashes and we wear masks and gloves. We also stay at least 8 feet away from other people walking in the neighborhood.

Yes, we are still able to pick up your animal, take them to the vet, and return them home whether it be for routine check ups or more critical care scenarios. Rest assured knowing that vet offices we’ve been to recently are all following strict safety protocols!

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