Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services


Up to three dogs; proper harness required.
A tired dog is a good dog. You’ve heard the expression! Keeping your dog healthy and active will keep them out of trouble, help with weight management and support a long, happy life for your pet. While You Were Out offers dog walking at your pet’s pace. A perfect service for dogs that live without a yard, whose owners work long hours, or for those pets who need relief from their crate.

1 hour: $52 | 30 min: $35


Tailored for your specific pets needs; defined by free in-home consultation.
Some pets thrive most in the comfort of their own home. Even the homebodies deserve our attention, whether it be a game of ball in the backyard, a potty break, or a good belly rub. While You Were Out offers pet visits so that while you’re out and about, Harley still gets love. A perfect service for pets that need midday medications, whose owners work the 9 to 5, or for those who’d rather snuggle up then tour the neighborhood.

1 hour: $52 | 30 min: $35


We believe dogs, specifically, shouldn’t be alone more than 12 hours; 2 visits per day required.
The sandy Hawaiian shores are calling your name, but Sasha can’t come with. And we’ve all seen the look on her face when you whip out the suitcase. For many pets, While You Were Out is the perfect, stress-free alternative to boarding! Dog, cat, pocket pet, reptile and fish owners can vacation without worry, while pets remain comfortable, safe and happy at home. (Includes: light watering, bringing in mail, rotating lights and waste pickup.)

Dogs / 1 hour, 2 times daily: $100 | 30 min, 2 times daily: $70

All other pets / 1 hour: $52 | 30 min: $35


Tailored for your specific pets needs; estimate provided after free in-home consultation.
You absolutely want what is best for your pet but let’s face it, the go-home instructions are demanding. With over 12 years experience in the veterinary care industry, Alex Vierra, owner of While You Were Out, is best equipped to handle your pets post operative care, when you are not able. Following the home care guidelines from your veterinarian and tailored for your specific pet’s needs, While You Were Out offers post operative care visits with services including, but not limited to, management of urinary catheters, passive range of motion exercises, hot/cold compressing, overall inspection of incision sites and administering of time sensitive medications.

1 hour: $60 | 30 min: $40


Limited capacity so sign up early; proper harness required.
When the walk around your neighborhood gets boring, sign your dog up for a little adventure! Twice a week, While You Were Out hits the trail for pack walks, great for both socializing and exercising your dog. Groups adventure in packs of similar size and temperament, and of course, travel to and from is both provided and safe. While you’re out and about, or simply home relaxing, this service is perfect for your friendly pet with energy to burn.

1 hour: $45


Pick up and drop off included.
Most vets work normal business hours, but so do you! Scheduling that post operative or wellness visit doesn’t have to be a hassle and you don’t have to take a sick day for it. With over 12 years experience in the veterinary care industry, working at three of Silicon Valley’s best hospitals, Alex Vierra knows the vet visit lingo and a good handful of the local doctors by first name. While You Were Out will pick up your Charley and hold his paw through his next vet visit, then report all details back to you! Save that sick day for the next World Series Game 7.

Per hour: $52

All major holidays are billed at time-and-a-half.

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